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Corona Virus, A Food Security Threat To Africa – Dr. Brylyne Chitsunge, Pan African Parliament Food Security Ambassador.



Dr. Brylyne Chitsunge, the Pan African Parliament Ambassador for Food Security in Africa said that the outbreak of Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is a serious food security threat to this continent where some countries are surviving on food aid from donors across the world.

She highlighted that the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) epidemic which has drastically affected stock markets and international trade has also unfortunately brought along some logistical challenges with it which in turn affect the movement of food aid to countries that need it the most.

The Food Ambassador attributed the logistical challenges to some lockdowns and travel bans that are happening in some seriously affected countries like Italy whose facilities are critical for the movement of goods to other parts of the world, especially to Africa.

Dr. Chitsunge described the crisis as a multi-faceted tragedy that calls for informed cooperation among all stakeholders because of its far-reaching consequences in the various aspects of people’s day to day life especially when it comes to access to critical life-saving resources.

Concerning the on-going food crisis in some African countries, she said that there is a need to urge farmers to diversify their crops given the persistent drought conditions in some parts of the continent which are making productivity for crops such as maize to be very difficult.

She added that Africa has also been affected by pests and diseases affecting crops and animals, a development that can be attributed to changes in weather and poor grazing land management.

In order to reduce and avoid food shortages in the future, she called for the adoption of sustainable land management and agricultural systems which safeguard livelihoods and enhance crop resilience in response to the impact of climate change.

Dr. Brylyne Chitsunge – Mustard (Tsunga) Field at Elpasso Farms, South Africa

Dr. Chitsunge who is also a farmer herself is partnering with schools and universities to promote a farming culture and has also opened her Elpasso Farm in South Africa to decision-makers, journalists and students in order to give them an on-site educational farming experience.

Speaking on the opportunities associated with cannabis, she said that Studies indicate that it could be one of the key agricultural commodities from Africa.

She further revealed that in Zimbabwe alone, hemp (cannabis) production has the potential to replace tobacco

The Ambassador who is also a Strategic Advisor to decision-makers in several governments warned that there is a potential risk of promoting clandestine channels for its trade if legalisation and commercialisation of cannabis are not well regulated. She, however, showed excitement on the awakening that is happening in SADC concerning the legalization of marijuana citing that so far, Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Lesotho have all legalised cannabis, with Malawi having recently legalised the growing, selling and exporting of cannabis for research and medicinal purposes.


All Eyes Are Now Mysteriously on Africa, Except For the Eyes of Its Own Wicked Leaders




The African continent is right now the central point of global attention, with the eyes of all economic and political giants mysteriously fixated on it, except for the eyes of most of its own wicked leaders who are on a plundering and looting spree of the continent’s resources.

There is even an observable competition to re-establish in Africa between Britain and its former ‘cousins’ in the European Union, while countries like China, Japan, America (USA), France and Russia are all in one way or the other also jostling for Africa’s attention.

BBC News Africa, on the 17th of February this year made the following interesting and revealing post on Facebook asking for people’s knowledge on Africa’s exports to the UK.

“Now that the UK has left the European Union, it wants to boost business with Africa. But what are the top exports into the UK from these African countries.”

More so, on the 25th of February, on the same platform, BBC News also wrote that major world powers were jostling for political and economic influence in Africa and it sought for opinion on the possible reasons behind the renewed interest upon the African continent by these powers.

Now, as if to counter the UK’s rush to Africa, delegates from the European Union are reported to be swarming the African continent in every direction towards establishing serious contact and boosting relations as reflected in an article dated 26 February 2020 published by Politico titled In search of new allies, EU turns to Africa.

Besides the UK and the EU, the United States of America has also built a state-of-the-art Embassy in Zimbabwe thus also signalling its foothold on the African continent.

All these developments show that the African chocolate skin which was all along being looked down upon as the ‘cursed black’ by some seemingly unrepentant racists who considered themselves as ‘pure/holy white’ is now being speedily accepted as a normal and fair pigmentation without blemish.

Even some of our own sisters who were on a skin bleaching ‘contest’ are now coming back to their senses and are starting to appreciate themselves as normal people who do not and should not change the colour of their skin for them to be people of worthy relevance in the community.

In most countries, especially in Africa’s former colonisers, there is a seemingly rushed integration of African or ‘black’ people in mainstream activities with a seeming competition on who is accommodating the most ‘black fellas’ than the other.

After France’s Soccer world Cup victory, Trevor Noah, an American based South African comedian had a brush with the French government following his remarks that insinuated that because of the number of blacks in that team, it was actually Africa which had won the World Cup.

As if choreographed, now, it seems like every major competition across the world has to be won by an African person, an African team or those who have the most of blacks in their squad if that competition or host has to avoid an unknown impending evil spell that is meant to come to the enemies of Africa or anything Africa related.

The sudden embrace on the African man by everyone everywhere except for some die hard apartheid/racist souls is actually seemingly rushed and even mysterious as if it has some sort of spiritual meaning where there is an impending curse on whosoever harms or has harmed Africa.

Even the movie industry is going ‘black’, i.e., the successful Black Panther. It seems someone from beyond the rivers is trying to appease the African gods or even the supreme God himself before he releases a reign of terror on those who looks down upon his African people.

In Britain, the James Bond movie is said to have a ‘black’ person as the main character according to The Guardian of 15 July 2019 under the heading Bond’s number is up: black female actor ‘is the new 007’.

There is also competitive effort between Picturestart and MGM towards a Japan centred movie titled Yasuke which is an account of a black man believed to be from Africa who is said to have entered Japan around the 1570s and became a Samurai

This shows that from the context and perspective of any continent at the moment, everything is going ‘black’ and Afrocentric.

Major corporations have also embraced black or African in one way or the other, with even DSTV in South Africa advertising its Black Excellence movie collection by saying Celebrate Black Excellence in film with M-Net Movies Blackout pop channel 109.

In all this, even though whatsoever is happening may not be clear to the naked eye at the moment, but it shows that the underlying message is make it right with Africa or suffer the consequences of non-compliance.

If you look at the way and the rate at which things are going black in America, with schools, roads and buildings being named after some African Americans from history, you would see that there is something going on except in the hearts of some primitive minded and short-sighted African leaders who can’t smell the aromatic morning coffee of the new reality.

America might have wide paved the way through the election of Barack Obama but many other countries are now trying to join the Africa centred race which unfortunately some misguided African leaders themselves are trying to sabotage through ill governance of their own land.

The attention on Africa may look and sound like normal civilised and strategic business and political developments but the inspiration behind the suddenness is very suspicious to an observant eye.

Even though the common man may not understand it right now, but right in the corridors of power, even from a spiritual context, something is happening concerning Africa and soon, time as it always does, it will reveal the secret.

Yes, to the common man, especially a general white racist, a black man is still a sub-human in your eyes but to your master, the smarter invisible boss who shapes your character, the black man now has a new personality that deserves respect as shown by the script off repentance which is being speedily acted upon.

Indeed, to a black fellow with inferiority complex that was perpetrated by colonisation and to the short-sighted ruthless and inconsiderate African leader who steals from his own granary on behalf of his cunning and wicked so-called friends, the music hasn’t changed.

This is because of clogged ears that have been deafened by ignorance and unbridled power, but truth be told, there is a new rhythm about Africa which is about to dominate the airwaves in the spheres of governance and influence.

With all these developments, one wonders why inconsiderate African leaders would compete to destroy their own countries and send money to far away continents which they only visit here and there and yet spending much of their time amongst their poverty choked brothers and sisters who live despicably day in, day out.

One possible explanation to that, especially for the contemporary state resources looting squads that operate under the guise of liberation movements, is that, they also may have an idea of the impending African renaissance and as such, they are looking forward to cunningly siphon money out Africa and later bring back their loot under the veil of investment.

Brian Kazungu is a Christian, Media Practitioner, Author, Poet, Technology Enthusiast, Entrepreneur and an Opinion Leader. He is the author of the book Primitive Politics and The Poverty Machinery (


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Herman Mashaba’s Populist Anti Immigrants Rhetoric Potentially Genocidal




Herman Mashaba, a South African politician and business man as well as former mayor of Johannesburg who recently expressed his intentions of forming his own political party is purportedly on an opinion finding engagement mission with the people of South Africa.

Dubbed the People’s Dialogue, the purpose of his initiative is said to be on how to turn around South Africa’s economy but if you carefully look at his approach, this man may carelessly initiate the greatest genocide ever witnessed in Southern Africa.

By his anti-immigrant trump card and the LET’S BUILD A MOVEMENT THAT PUTS SOUTH AFRICANS FIRST mantra, one wonders if Mashaba is just trying to be a Trump copycat without carefully looking at the damaging genocidal impact of his ‘illegals’ utterances when politically illiterate youth that he is trying incite and excite gets charged into a xenophobic frenzy against black foreign nationals.

How should South Africa’s foreign policy shift towards countries that are sending their citizens here because of their failures? – Herman Mashaba – Facebook, 31/01/2020

Coming into South Africa is too easy. We have tens of thousands of kilometres of open border! I am considering a border barrier and more patrols along our borders to protect our country. Herman Mashaba – Facebook, 30/01/2020.

It is even disturbing to note that an award winning millionaire businessman and former Mayor of the Johannesburg metropolis like Herman Mashaba who is slowly turning himself into a ‘junior Donald Trump’ thinks that desperate job seeking and human rights surrendering black foreign nationals that come to South Africa are sent by their respective governments.

A man with business interests across industries and who sits in various boards of many companies should rather be knowledgeable enough to direct his discourse towards the leaders of the respective countries that have its citizens flocking into South Africa than to bad mouth desperate and vulnerable people of his own race and also subject them to further danger.

Just having a look at how he is alleged to have started making it in life as reported by Wikipedia, Mashaba who is said to be a strategic thinker who bought a car without having a licence, then drove it with having learned to drive is now a champion of formalities and legalities belittling and trashing those who find themselves trying to make it in a similar situation like he was in the apartheid era.

From a young age, he was a strategic thinker – he bought a car without having a license and drove out of the dealership without ever having learned to drive. He drove himself from one selling job to another, in the process confirming for himself that he was a natural salesman with an unswerving instinct for business. He started selling “SuperKurl” African hair-care products and became their number-one earner. He soon realised that these products excited him and that he wasn’t content to be just an employee. – Wikipedia

When he is comfortable with the Wikipedia narrative above, it means if he was a foreigner now in South Africa, years later, he would celebrate to be called a boarder jumper who built a multi-million business in a foreign land without proper documents.

Even though, here and there Mashaba has touched on this and that concerning South Africa’s wellbeing, his main rallying card is the sensational issue of illegal immigrants that he has found to resonate more with the economically desperate, easy to manipulate politically illiterate xenophobic and racist classes of South Africans.

Why can’t we have an honest discussion about ILLEGAL immigration? It is costing our country dearly and corrupt politicians are too scared to talk about it. Share your thoughts. – Herman Mashaba – Facebook, 26/01/2020.

Mashaba must be challenged to provide research based factual information on the extent of damage that immigration into South Africa by the blacks that he so much hates has caused whether they are illegal or not and those findings must be compared with other factors that have contributed to the downfall of the South African economy.

If there are serious major factors that have brought down the South African economy that Mashaba is not vocal about, well-meaning people must also start to question the justification of his passionate hate for black people that come to seek jobs in South Africa.

Herman’s description of the so called illegal black foreigners as ‘illegals’ is very disturbing. 

You can even imagine the expression on his face when he thinks, sees, imagines or even hears about these humans that he calls in a way that seems like to him they are trash suited for the dustbin.

If you carefully look at the photos above which he posts on his social media platforms, they are images of ‘black’ people only and one wonders if there are no illegal immigrants of other races in South Africa.

Based on Mashaba’s political and business track record, he cannot be excused for political immaturity and tactical bereftness in his anti-black immigrant political manoeuvring.

This is because, as a business and political strategist, he knows very well that to form another political party in a country that is already saturated with political parties, you may need to carelessly arouse the emotions and sentiments especially of two main classes of people in South Africa.

In this case, the two main groups that he seems to resonate with are the desperate and politically illiterate short term thinking groups of xenophobia charged and racist citizenry. 

Besides the anti-immigrant rhetoric, Mashaba seems to lack any other solid relevant approach towards establishing himself on the national South African political landscape except exciting the emotions of the desperate youths that he is also likely to quickly dump when he gets into power if his short memory of reality is to be carefully analysed.

The context of his short memory is that his so called illegals are mere victims of politics in their respective countries just like he was during apartheid.

These people are in his country to seek jobs of which he Mashaba as a business minded leader, he can mobilise his youths into productive entrepreneurs who can employ their fellow Africans than to merely consider them as virus invested people who needs to be quarantined.

This maybe the reason why Mmusi Maimane in a diplomatic way expressed his dismay at Malaba’s political choices. 

“To me, to add another political party to the plethora of parties that are available, would be to add party number 49 in the 48 that are there, and I am saying that’s not the immediate solution of our country. Actually, what we need is to ask the 18 million South Africans why they didn’t vote last year,” 

…..“The big distinction here is that we are not just saying we are a party for a party’s sake. I’m not here to contest 2021 or anything like that.” Maimane is quoted to have said in the Daily Maverick -22/01/2020.

At this point, it is critical to ask if Herman really believe that these ‘illegals’ have something to do with South Africa’s downgrade and the serious state of affairs at South African Airways, Transnet and Eskom that he doesn’t as much vehemently engage in as he does with the black foreigners in South Africa.

It seems like the ‘affluent’ Herman is trying to clean South Africa of the trash like black foreign nationals in order to create room for nationals of other races.

The man who claims to have struggled against poverty and the horrible apartheid regime has suddenly forgotten the effect of evil governments on people who are fleeing their countries and the impact of poverty among the African folk by choosing to spray ‘political Corona and Ebola’ ideological viruses on the sick African continent.

It is interesting to note that he does not even care to help his followers differentiate between an illegal and legal immigrant in the same way that he is not helping people to also understand that there are still some advantages associated with the presence of foreign nationals in South Africa.

If and when it is true that Mashaba genuinely believes in the power of education and entrepreneurship, why does he not concentrate on spreading the gospel of entrepreneurship to these desperate South Africans and seek to economically empower them so that they can also be potential employers to their suffering but hard working fellow Africans that flock into his country.

It is not just the illegal immigrants that are causing the problem – it is the employers who break the law to hire them! What can we do to encourage our business community to hire South Africans?! We definitely need to make it easier to hire them. – Herman Mashaba – Facebook, 29/01/2020.

If and when Herman is really serious about the development of South Africa, let him fundraise or mobilise resources for a research on how many entrepreneurship minded South Africans are prepared to hire their own South African fellows as permanent labour especially taking into consideration the work culture prevalent among the youth that he wants to incite.

Some responses by business minded people on his Facebook platform have already highlighted the major challenges affecting South Africa, but unfortunately such facts do not appeal to some politicians who want to rise to power through excitement rather than enlightenment of their fellow countrymen.

Responding to a news article that appeared in the Herald, a Zimbabwe newspaper that said Zim to verify SA cop killers’ nationality. Herman quickly responded on his Facebook page on 27 January by saying “Soon these cop killers will be back in our country committing more crimes. We NEED borders”.

This shows that to Herman, due processes are not necessary as long as the subject of discussion is a black foreign national in his country.

He forgets that these people he calls “illegals” may be suffering in their own countries but cold bloodied murders especially at gun point is something that they are not bringing to South Africa and if truth be told, it’s actually a phenomenon they are adopting in South Africa of which they are disturbingly likely to export back to their homes if and when their countries get right.

While responding to a news report by that said Tanzanian police arrested 27 Ethiopian illegal immigrants in transit to South Africa, Mashaba also as usual quickly reiterated his anti-fellow African vibe by saying THANK YOU to the Tanzanian police for doing what our country is all too often unable to do!”

However, many entrepreneurial South Africans have clearly explained to him the challenges that business people in his country are struggling with, of which an immigrant whether considered illegal or not is helping to solve but the black hater, Mashaba has his mind made up especially about fellow Africans whom he considers as ‘contamination’ in his land. 

Below are some of the opinions expressed by people on his People’s Dialogue initiative:

TK Taki Vumbi: Finding productive workers in SA is a nightmare and one of the main reasons that manufacturers are leaving in droves every quarter. A number of us have tried incentives and it did nothing but backfire. Paying substantially more than the market-clearing rate did nothing but cause unions to become unmanageable and demand similar raises from entire bargaining groups before ending strikes. And the strikes happen for everyone in solidarity, regardless of how well you pay workers. And the well-paid workers are just as happy to burn tires and company property. The unions work their members up into a bloodlust and convince them that they should be paid the same as an accountant, so you can’t win no matter what you do. Unions see to it that you’re always the enemy.

Mikel Deejay: Economically South Africa benefits a lot from the failure of her neighbour’s economies. If SA shifts her foreign policy towards countries like Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique definitely the pain would be felt by SA than those countries. I think as citizens of Africa we need a strong body that holds corrupt regimes liable and have unified punishment. Also SA has a massive role to play but unfortunately these comrades have this awful brotherly code

Pinkie Honor: …This reminds me of Zimbabweans laughing at Zambians and Somalians in late 80s early 90s they thought they won’t be in those countries situations, look were Zimbabwe is today

Tebogo Leviticus Nehemiah: Truth is: our fellow South Africans they find reason not to come… To work. And most of the time this immigrants they very loyal to their jobs. I am not talking about theory, but I have seen it and still struggling with. South Africans brothers and sister mostly don’t value their jobs, maybe that’s why most employers prefer immigrants…..

I am yet to find if there is an English word that describes a serious incorrigible and inexplicable hate by a person of one race against those of his own race.

What boggles the mind is Herman’s absolute, boiling, hellish hate for Africans who are foreigners in South Africa as compared to all other races. 

Although it can be difficult to immediately confirm at the moment, but investigative journalism and independent research may end up proving that Herman is merely a voice of a hidden racist master who is behind the scenes judging from his subtle ‘apartheid’ language.

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Weak Parliaments, Corruption and Primitive Banking Systems in Sub Saharan Africa Are a Good Haven for Terrorism




Ansar al Sunna is the name of the Islamist group which is wreaking havoc in Cabo Delgado, Mozambique where the government have been using COIN (counter insurgency) and law enforcement tactics to deal with the group since the eruption of violence in 2017. 

Violence in Mozambique has intensified with the increased presence of foreign nations, observably following the discovery of gas reserves whose exploration rights where given to Exxon Mobil, the American oil behemoth.

The modus operandi of this Islamist group has a similar theme as witnessed in North Africa primarily Niger Delta where an increase in western troops primarily from France has seen a spike in violence and increased sophistication of MO, objectives and escalation of demands whilst sources of recruitment seems to be unending and attacks getting daring by the day.

The Mozambican government is tackling the insurgency with the help of the Russians using sophisticated equipment but with less intelligence about the terrain they are operating in and thus the extremists have been able to disarm the poorly trained and coordinated Mozambican army, seizing most military hardware in the process.

Disturbingly, especially for the SADC region, Ansar al Sunna, while intensifying their attacks and proliferating violence, has begun to move inland towards mainland Mozambique (as if in the direction of neighbouring Zimbabwe).

Their agenda seems to be a bit religious even though their presence in resource rich areas raises a worrying pattern following the defeat of IS in Raqqa and Mosul where they had access to oil revenue. 

These extremists are using MACHETES to behead civilians, coupled with firearms which they are utilising to achieve a sinister objective. 

It must be noted that amongst a repertoire of tactics, kidnappings form a critical component of revenue generations of these extremist entities and as such, the US has been warning its citizens to be on the alert within this region.

Mozambique is proving to be inefficient and incompetent at tackling the growing terrorist insurgency since its reaction to this disturbing development has been slow, mechanical and pathetic, not forgetting a media ban on what is happening. 

The mentioned terrorist group is able to recruit from former Mozambican army soldiers and former police members, a pattern which is omnipresent within southern Africa, where, due to economic hardships, soldiers are flocking to greener pastures in search of economic posterity. 

Over and above that, corruption is acting as a risk intensifier and this has raised fears of an all regional escalation, with general evidence to prove that ex Zimbabwean soldiers are behind a slew of armed robberies that occur in South Africa.

The response to this chaos has been reactive and shows a region unprepared with handling this asymmetric threat. Like I warned repeatedly about the MaShurugwi madness, the evolution of violence is systematic, gradual and well-coordinated. 

A review of ‘expert analysis’ by elements from ‘renowned entities ‘ within the region shows lack of appreciation and total divorce to global terrorism trends, architecture and how the threat is manifesting in Sub Saharan Africa and now southern Africa. 

These ‘career analysts’ are responsible for misinforming regional governments, no wonder the pathetic response by SADC and lack of information as to the danger being posed by this extremist violence.

Money laundering forms a critical component of survival of these terror entities but we are thus not as effective as we are supposed to be to deter and mute money laundering because most of our banking protocols within the SADC region excluding South Africa are still using Basel I accords. 

This is why I felt that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe is now a threat to regional and national security due to its lack of effectiveness, reactive policies and naivety which only helps promote money laundering.

For example, our stock markets are being used as safe havens for speculation by these terror sleeper cells whilst bitcoin, whose rewards I believe are high in Zimbabwe, gives another avenue for lucrative profits. 

A thriving black-market is just what is conducive to these criminals for them to make and generate revenue without being detected even though expertise and security sense points out to the existence of well-coordinated terror cells not only from the proxy, Ansar Al Sunna but also IS within the region. 

Weak legislation and monitoring have meant that Sub Saharan Africa becomes a haven for their operations as they can be able to generate revenue much easily as opposed to oil rich countries where interests are high and systems are developed and integrated.

No wonder I warned about the need to take me seriously when I was talking about the MaShurugwi issue. Some excitable and less informed characters would think I am a Chipopi defending Zanu PF but I was consistent and unyielding as I sought to enlighten that what we are witnessing is not only politically driven violence but also the evolution of a terror phenomenon which our systems can’t comprehend at this juncture. 

I remember being brutal in my revulsion for our useless Zimbabwean parliament citing that we elect people to sing yet we are faced with a dangerous situation demanding immediate attention. 

I was clear and straightforward that we need new institutions with the wherewithal to face these asymmetric threats whilst at the same time we must not rely on the law enforcement approach being used at this juncture to control anarchy within the mineral sector.

It’s no coincidence that attacks occurred within that sector and just like in Mozambique, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger Delta etc., and the trend within Sub Saharan Africa is clear.

It’s now high time we have a national coordinated response to this scourge before we are caught napping because at the moment, our military in its current state won’t survive ambush attacks or even full-scale operations aimed at looting weapons from our armoury especially in isolated military outposts.

We need to strengthen our institutions. I have been saying this. Ignore political reforms mantra. What I am talking of is the real business. 

We are in for it, if we don’t strengthen our institutions. Our civil servants are corrupt and you must stand guided that Al Shebaab has been able to infiltrate into Kenya and wage attacks on such institutions like Garisa University and Westgate Mall amongst others due to collusion and corruption. 

A look at the recently released TI Corruption Index paints a gloomy picture since most Sub Saharan African states has been listed among the most corrupt. 

With an average score of around 32/100, Africa ranks as the most corrupt region and Zimbabwe got a very concerning score of 24 while our Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission is playing lip service to the threatening prevalence of corruption in our country.

The threat of terrorism is real, immediate and extremely dangerous and thus my advice is that we must be united and engage each other towards influencing policy makers to listen to our voices when it comes to critical issues that affect our society rather than being lured into the trap of Twitter trolls who are only able to divide us without offering solutions.

We must enhance cyber abilities lest we are going to be caught napping when dealing with such a serious issue which demands that we must think on our toes.

Now that the threat is closer to home and attention is being generated, I have been vindicated and so, now I am focusing solely on the evolution of terrorism in Southern Africa since people are beginning to notice the threat, whereas, before, to some, I was just sounding like a broken record. 

Forewarned is forearmed!

Tawanda David Gotami: MBA (UZ), Bsc Hons Intelligence and Security Studies (BUSE), Certificate in Counter Violent Extremism, Insurgency and Cyber Warfare (National Security College, Australia National University), now pursuing a Master of Defence in Asymmetric Warfare with a thrust on Terrorism, Insurgency and Cyber Warfare at Indonesia Defence University. Forensic Science and Crime Scene Investigation.

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