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All Eyes Are Now Mysteriously on Africa, Except For the Eyes of Its Own Wicked Leaders

zwnews24 Editor



The African continent is right now the central point of global attention, with the eyes of all economic and political giants mysteriously fixated on it, except for the eyes of most of its own wicked leaders who are on a plundering and looting spree of the continent’s resources.

There is even an observable competition to re-establish in Africa between Britain and its former ‘cousins’ in the European Union, while countries like China, Japan, America (USA), France and Russia are all in one way or the other also jostling for Africa’s attention.

BBC News Africa, on the 17th of February this year made the following interesting and revealing post on Facebook asking for people’s knowledge on Africa’s exports to the UK.

“Now that the UK has left the European Union, it wants to boost business with Africa. But what are the top exports into the UK from these African countries.”

More so, on the 25th of February, on the same platform, BBC News also wrote that major world powers were jostling for political and economic influence in Africa and it sought for opinion on the possible reasons behind the renewed interest upon the African continent by these powers.

Now, as if to counter the UK’s rush to Africa, delegates from the European Union are reported to be swarming the African continent in every direction towards establishing serious contact and boosting relations as reflected in an article dated 26 February 2020 published by Politico titled In search of new allies, EU turns to Africa.

Besides the UK and the EU, the United States of America has also built a state-of-the-art Embassy in Zimbabwe thus also signalling its foothold on the African continent.

All these developments show that the African chocolate skin which was all along being looked down upon as the ‘cursed black’ by some seemingly unrepentant racists who considered themselves as ‘pure/holy white’ is now being speedily accepted as a normal and fair pigmentation without blemish.

Even some of our own sisters who were on a skin bleaching ‘contest’ are now coming back to their senses and are starting to appreciate themselves as normal people who do not and should not change the colour of their skin for them to be people of worthy relevance in the community.

In most countries, especially in Africa’s former colonisers, there is a seemingly rushed integration of African or ‘black’ people in mainstream activities with a seeming competition on who is accommodating the most ‘black fellas’ than the other.

After France’s Soccer world Cup victory, Trevor Noah, an American based South African comedian had a brush with the French government following his remarks that insinuated that because of the number of blacks in that team, it was actually Africa which had won the World Cup.

As if choreographed, now, it seems like every major competition across the world has to be won by an African person, an African team or those who have the most of blacks in their squad if that competition or host has to avoid an unknown impending evil spell that is meant to come to the enemies of Africa or anything Africa related.

The sudden embrace on the African man by everyone everywhere except for some die hard apartheid/racist souls is actually seemingly rushed and even mysterious as if it has some sort of spiritual meaning where there is an impending curse on whosoever harms or has harmed Africa.

Even the movie industry is going ‘black’, i.e., the successful Black Panther. It seems someone from beyond the rivers is trying to appease the African gods or even the supreme God himself before he releases a reign of terror on those who looks down upon his African people.

In Britain, the James Bond movie is said to have a ‘black’ person as the main character according to The Guardian of 15 July 2019 under the heading Bond’s number is up: black female actor ‘is the new 007’.

There is also competitive effort between Picturestart and MGM towards a Japan centred movie titled Yasuke which is an account of a black man believed to be from Africa who is said to have entered Japan around the 1570s and became a Samurai

This shows that from the context and perspective of any continent at the moment, everything is going ‘black’ and Afrocentric.

Major corporations have also embraced black or African in one way or the other, with even DSTV in South Africa advertising its Black Excellence movie collection by saying Celebrate Black Excellence in film with M-Net Movies Blackout pop channel 109.

In all this, even though whatsoever is happening may not be clear to the naked eye at the moment, but it shows that the underlying message is make it right with Africa or suffer the consequences of non-compliance.

If you look at the way and the rate at which things are going black in America, with schools, roads and buildings being named after some African Americans from history, you would see that there is something going on except in the hearts of some primitive minded and short-sighted African leaders who can’t smell the aromatic morning coffee of the new reality.

America might have wide paved the way through the election of Barack Obama but many other countries are now trying to join the Africa centred race which unfortunately some misguided African leaders themselves are trying to sabotage through ill governance of their own land.

The attention on Africa may look and sound like normal civilised and strategic business and political developments but the inspiration behind the suddenness is very suspicious to an observant eye.

Even though the common man may not understand it right now, but right in the corridors of power, even from a spiritual context, something is happening concerning Africa and soon, time as it always does, it will reveal the secret.

Yes, to the common man, especially a general white racist, a black man is still a sub-human in your eyes but to your master, the smarter invisible boss who shapes your character, the black man now has a new personality that deserves respect as shown by the script off repentance which is being speedily acted upon.

Indeed, to a black fellow with inferiority complex that was perpetrated by colonisation and to the short-sighted ruthless and inconsiderate African leader who steals from his own granary on behalf of his cunning and wicked so-called friends, the music hasn’t changed.

This is because of clogged ears that have been deafened by ignorance and unbridled power, but truth be told, there is a new rhythm about Africa which is about to dominate the airwaves in the spheres of governance and influence.

With all these developments, one wonders why inconsiderate African leaders would compete to destroy their own countries and send money to far away continents which they only visit here and there and yet spending much of their time amongst their poverty choked brothers and sisters who live despicably day in, day out.

One possible explanation to that, especially for the contemporary state resources looting squads that operate under the guise of liberation movements, is that, they also may have an idea of the impending African renaissance and as such, they are looking forward to cunningly siphon money out Africa and later bring back their loot under the veil of investment.

Brian Kazungu is a Christian, Media Practitioner, Author, Poet, Technology Enthusiast, Entrepreneur and an Opinion Leader. He is the author of the book Primitive Politics and The Poverty Machinery (


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Military Interventions Are Failing To Counter Extremist Insurgency

Sapien Sapien



Military interventions have manifestly failed, time and time again, to be effective as regards counter insurgency. These interventions are adopted under the guise of some multilateral arrangements or with the disguised blessing or direct of the UNSC.

For context purposes, let’s start the discussion with the AU peacekeeping mission in Somalia, held under the blessings of an entire UNSC resolutions, Res 2472 that authorized AU member states to use military force to intervene and counter the Al Shebaab insurgency in 2007.

This military centric approach was to last, ostensibly for six months but has been renewed time and time again whilst the level of violence in Somalia and troop contributing countries has only but increased.

The recent Global Terrorism Index (2020) shows that Somalia is beset by instances of terrorism whilst numerous forays by Al Shebaab into Kenya (Westgate Shopping Mall and Garisa University Asymmetric terror attacks) proves that retributive violent incursions into troop contributing countries is a menace that can be seen to be a direct by-product of military centric approaches to regional crisis.

The events in the Niger Delta where France, probably per the doctrine of R2P has been militarily entangled highlights that this one size fits all approach to COIN is not effective as it is parroted to be

The Comminique released by SADC in Botswana also sought to address issues of troop contribution to Mozambique.

Therein lies the challenge. The triumvirate trio of Zimbabwe, Namibia and Angola, under the auspices of regional integration and national sovereignty intervened, militarily, in the DRC (Operation Sovereign Legitimacy) in 1998.

The intervention was directly responsible for the collapse of the Zimbabwean economy (Black Friday Market Crash), descent into anarchy and chaos of the hybrid post-colonial state, escalation of violence in the Great Lakes region and a rise in fragile states within the greater equator zone.

The proliferated increase in arms of war resulted in the emergence of warlord (e.g. Bosco Ndagana, Wamba dia Wamba) and subsequent assassination of LD Kabila.

The SADC led intervention did not manage to bring peace and stability into the war ravaged country yet 18 years after Zimbabwe pulled out of the Congo at the behest of SADC, the country is part of an agenda and international conspiracy to intervene again. No lessons learnt.

Any involvement of foreign troops in a COIN initiative is guaranteed to be a cataclysmic failure. The rapture and related chaos to follow gives traction to this analogy.

Hyper nationalism is clear. People generally despise foreign military presence.

The Sunni Insurgency of 2003-2013 in Iraq gave us good lessons. Despite being told and made to believe that foreign troops under the guise of the Bush Doctrine are going to be seeking to restore democracy which was alleged to have been masterbated upon by Saddam Hussein, the people of Iraq said no to foreign occupation, rose up, took up arms and the resultant anarchy led to the emergency of Abu Musab Al Zarqawi, founder of modern day IS.

The by-product of military intervention is clear:

  1. More gangs
  2. More anarchy
  3. Less stability
  4. More chaos
  5. More deaths
  6. Regional escalation

I will not even mention Libya and that NATO led intervention.

For context, the insurgency in Cabo Delgado is clearly LOCALIZED with the direct risk of escalating into a Boko Haram kind of scenario once foreign troops are involved.

Definitely Mozambique needs help but that help must be in the form of capacity building and enhancement programs aimed at ensuring that the country has got institutions and systems capable of muting in the bud the escalating violence.

There are many ways of engaging in COIN. Clearly, there is a need to mix COIN approaches by the Mozambicans themselves, the thrust being to put more emphasis on civilian centric approaches and gelling it with law enforcement thrust.

Cost of cooperation must be made high meaning that decapitation measures of attrition ought to be successfully implemented whilst respecting human rights. This has been done before.

We saw this in Sri Lanka. The 26 year old Tamil Insurgency wad muted by a home grown COIN thrust as directed by the Rajakpaksa Model.

No foreign troops were involved. The death of Prabakaran signaled the end of the insurgency. This is what SADC ought to appreciate.

Reprisal attacks in many of these porous bordered SADC states will make economies collapse. Imagine the negative ramifications say to tourism of one tourist resort center is attacked.

A more pragmatic way of doing it outside of the usage of guns and tanks is the institutional/law enforcement thrust

Definitely, the SADC Communique represents a dedicated belief in the efficacy of multilateralism to resolve domestic challenges but that again, has got its limits.

To understand these limits and thence predict prognosis, the Asymmetric Warfare Equation shall be used:-

The asymmetric warfare equation is thus

AW=Asymmetric Threat (AT) + Asymmetric Operations (AO) + Cultural Asymmetry (CA) + Asymmetric Cost (AC)



Are there any asymmetric operations currently underway in Moz? Yes!

  1. Diplomacy (EU etc.)
  2. Military (Wagner Group, Dyke et al)
  3. Economic sabotage (e.g. takeover of Mocimba de Pria port)

The last two aspects of the equation paint a gory picture as to cost of intervention.

Definitely, IPB (intelligence preparation of battlefield) already is making it clear that military centric COIN even per countries with strong defense budgets, shall be extreme.

Use Afghanistan and Boko Haram for there is definite similarities. As regards that, Zimbabwe does not have capacity, e.g. it needed SA engineers to help us rehabilitate broken infrastructure brought about by the asymmetric event, Idai.

What are the cultural issues per cultural asymmetry in the restive region of Cabo Delgado, Mozambique?

  1. Values (Islamic)
  2. Norms
  3. Rules
  4. Target population (demographics and structural issues indicate sympathy to the insurgency cause)


Is there an asymmetric threat in Mozambique? Yes

What form/kind?

  1. Terrorism
  2. Insurgency
  3. Information warfare
  4. Disruptive threats (Idai)
  5. Unknown threats e.g. Climate Change induced

We are alien to Islamic values. It will quickly escalate into a religious conflict. Check Armenia vs Azerbaijan and related alliances that are emerging.

What are the likely costs to be incurred by any intervention (AC)

  1. Cost of action (Indonesian incursion into East Timor costed an equivalent of 50% of its GDP. Forced to quit. Same as the Rhodesians and also operation sovereign legitimacy by Zim in DRC)
  2. Cost of defense

Prognosis of intervention:


Our border with Mozambique (+/-1000) is too long and porous for guerilla warfare to be defeated.

Our capacity ravaged due to sanctions and amplified vices such as corruption. Per doctrine we are ok but anything post that dololo (nothing).

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Chifamba’s Alleged Illegal Immigrant Status Takes a New Twist.

Own Correspondent



The Court was told by an investigator in the Department of Home Affairs that the 25 March 2020 dated stamp which was on the passport of Setheo Engineering’s Brighton Chifamba was in truth and fact, fraudulent.

However, former Acting Director General of the Department of Home Affairs, Mr T. Mavuso clarified the misunderstanding in a conversation with one of our correspondence today.

He pointed that contrary to the assertion made under oath by the investigator, the stamp of 25 March 2020 did not need to be endorsed as the date of re-entry fell within the 90 days maximum allowable exemption period for Zimbabweans visiting South Africa.

“The maximum period allowable for Zimbabweans to travel on a visa free basis was 90 days and if a person spends 10 days for example during the first visit, it means the person will have a credit of 80 days to visit SA without needing a visa and each time the person visits, no endorsement will be required.” He explained

Mr. E. Banda, Managing Director of law firm, Banda and Associates said: “I am not sure how the Magistrate presiding over the bail hearing is going to take it when he discovers that the Court could have been intentionally and deliberately lied to in order to induce it to make a ruling that is not in the interests of justice.”

“Based on the audio with Mr. Mavuso, it is clear that the Court was misled into believing that Mr Chifamba’s entry stamp was fraudulent and as such he was in the country illegally. After attending the bail hearing, I could not help as the question as to whether the misrepresentation made to Court was intentional or a consequence of ignorance on the part of the Home Affairs official,” said a member of the C2C initiative.

At the core of the Setheo saga is an allegation of unjust enrichment caused by purported inducement made to 2 dismissed City Power officials to fraudulently pay an amount of R66 million to Setheo with nothing to show for it

Contrary to this allegation, it is Setheo’s case in a pending civil matter against City Power that the cancellation of the contract between the two parties at the instigation of the former Mayor, Herman Mashaba, was ultra vires the law and no facts justified the allegations in the criminal matter.

The heads of arguments by the NPA and Chifamba’s attorney will be presented tomorrow and the Magistrate is expected to make a ruling thereafter on the bail application.

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South Africa’s NPA 3 Year Long Setheo Investigation Ridiculous – Advocate Banda

Own Correspondent



In response to questions on the circumstances leading to the arrest of Brighton Chifamba, a foreman who worked for South Africa’s Setheo Engineering on the Eldorado substation, the NPA’s Ms. Mjonondwane hinted on the imminence of more arrests as investigations are still being carried on a corruption case that has been ongoing for around three years.

The upgrading of the Eldorado substation was abruptly stopped as ordered by South Africa’s former Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba, following a dispute relating to allegations that City Power had paid R66 million to a contractor, Setheo in 2016 while no work was done.

Two Setheo directors and two City Power employees were then arrested and after 12 appearances in Court, the charges were provisionally withdrawn.

“It is the decision made in 2016 to arrest suspects without any prima facie grounds and evidently prior to the completion of investigations by the Hawks that must be interrogated here. One would have expected that after three years, investigations would have long been finalized. For the NPA to suggest that investigations are still ongoing is ludicrous,” said Mr. Banda, an attorney who is closely following the case.

In an article titled “Who Is Who and What Is What In The Brighton Chifamba, City of Joburg, Setheo and City Power Case?” written by Brian Kazungu, an editor of an online publication,, he said that the NPA was yet to respond on clarity sought on the matter since the spokesperson was waiting for a go ahead on draft responses. reported Mrs Phindi Mjonondwane, the NPA Spokesperon to have said “I saw your email, I am still waiting for a CCU to respond and check if my draft response is correct because what you are asking is evidential material and the matter is subjudicae, so they are just checking my response and if I am in order, we will be able to respond as soon as possible”.

The upgrading of Chifamba’s title in relation to the Eldorado Park project has been questioned because it has been confirmed that his role was that of foreman with no direct reporting links to the targeted Setheo directors.

The NPA is also reported to be pinning its hopes on the pending bail hearing of Chifamba based on an allegation that Chifamba was at all along an illegal immigrant.

Chifamba who is said to have voluntarily presented himself to the police at Palm Ridge on 12 October 2020 has been confirmed to have been on a valid 90 day temporary visa whose expiry was due during the Covid period.

The Department of Home Affairs whose official testified at the bail hearing argued that the entry visa in Chifamba’s passport on 25 March 2020 was fraudulent in that it was endorsed as was the case in relation to the stamp of 6 March 2020.

Chifamba’s lawyer however asserted that the visa was legitimate and no endorsement was necessary as his 6 March stamp was still valid and in any event the 25 March entry was within the maximum exemption period of 90 days per year granted to Zimbabweans.

A close relative to Chifamba said that is pathetic that the NPA would attempt to cling to straws as a bait to force Brighton to be a state witness on a case that the NPA has failed to establish after three years of investigating whether fraud was in truth and fact committed.

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