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All Eyes Are Now Mysteriously on Africa, Except For the Eyes of Its Own Wicked Leaders

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The African continent is right now the central point of global attention, with the eyes of all economic and political giants mysteriously fixated on it, except for the eyes of most of its own wicked leaders who are on a plundering and looting spree of the continent’s resources.

There is even an observable competition to re-establish in Africa between Britain and its former ‘cousins’ in the European Union, while countries like China, Japan, America (USA), France and Russia are all in one way or the other also jostling for Africa’s attention.

BBC News Africa, on the 17th of February this year made the following interesting and revealing post on Facebook asking for people’s knowledge on Africa’s exports to the UK.

“Now that the UK has left the European Union, it wants to boost business with Africa. But what are the top exports into the UK from these African countries.”

More so, on the 25th of February, on the same platform, BBC News also wrote that major world powers were jostling for political and economic influence in Africa and it sought for opinion on the possible reasons behind the renewed interest upon the African continent by these powers.

Now, as if to counter the UK’s rush to Africa, delegates from the European Union are reported to be swarming the African continent in every direction towards establishing serious contact and boosting relations as reflected in an article dated 26 February 2020 published by Politico titled In search of new allies, EU turns to Africa.

Besides the UK and the EU, the United States of America has also built a state-of-the-art Embassy in Zimbabwe thus also signalling its foothold on the African continent.

All these developments show that the African chocolate skin which was all along being looked down upon as the ‘cursed black’ by some seemingly unrepentant racists who considered themselves as ‘pure/holy white’ is now being speedily accepted as a normal and fair pigmentation without blemish.

Even some of our own sisters who were on a skin bleaching ‘contest’ are now coming back to their senses and are starting to appreciate themselves as normal people who do not and should not change the colour of their skin for them to be people of worthy relevance in the community.

In most countries, especially in Africa’s former colonisers, there is a seemingly rushed integration of African or ‘black’ people in mainstream activities with a seeming competition on who is accommodating the most ‘black fellas’ than the other.

After France’s Soccer world Cup victory, Trevor Noah, an American based South African comedian had a brush with the French government following his remarks that insinuated that because of the number of blacks in that team, it was actually Africa which had won the World Cup.

As if choreographed, now, it seems like every major competition across the world has to be won by an African person, an African team or those who have the most of blacks in their squad if that competition or host has to avoid an unknown impending evil spell that is meant to come to the enemies of Africa or anything Africa related.

The sudden embrace on the African man by everyone everywhere except for some die hard apartheid/racist souls is actually seemingly rushed and even mysterious as if it has some sort of spiritual meaning where there is an impending curse on whosoever harms or has harmed Africa.

Even the movie industry is going ‘black’, i.e., the successful Black Panther. It seems someone from beyond the rivers is trying to appease the African gods or even the supreme God himself before he releases a reign of terror on those who looks down upon his African people.

In Britain, the James Bond movie is said to have a ‘black’ person as the main character according to The Guardian of 15 July 2019 under the heading Bond’s number is up: black female actor ‘is the new 007’.

There is also competitive effort between Picturestart and MGM towards a Japan centred movie titled Yasuke which is an account of a black man believed to be from Africa who is said to have entered Japan around the 1570s and became a Samurai

This shows that from the context and perspective of any continent at the moment, everything is going ‘black’ and Afrocentric.

Major corporations have also embraced black or African in one way or the other, with even DSTV in South Africa advertising its Black Excellence movie collection by saying Celebrate Black Excellence in film with M-Net Movies Blackout pop channel 109.

In all this, even though whatsoever is happening may not be clear to the naked eye at the moment, but it shows that the underlying message is make it right with Africa or suffer the consequences of non-compliance.

If you look at the way and the rate at which things are going black in America, with schools, roads and buildings being named after some African Americans from history, you would see that there is something going on except in the hearts of some primitive minded and short-sighted African leaders who can’t smell the aromatic morning coffee of the new reality.

America might have wide paved the way through the election of Barack Obama but many other countries are now trying to join the Africa centred race which unfortunately some misguided African leaders themselves are trying to sabotage through ill governance of their own land.

The attention on Africa may look and sound like normal civilised and strategic business and political developments but the inspiration behind the suddenness is very suspicious to an observant eye.

Even though the common man may not understand it right now, but right in the corridors of power, even from a spiritual context, something is happening concerning Africa and soon, time as it always does, it will reveal the secret.

Yes, to the common man, especially a general white racist, a black man is still a sub-human in your eyes but to your master, the smarter invisible boss who shapes your character, the black man now has a new personality that deserves respect as shown by the script off repentance which is being speedily acted upon.

Indeed, to a black fellow with inferiority complex that was perpetrated by colonisation and to the short-sighted ruthless and inconsiderate African leader who steals from his own granary on behalf of his cunning and wicked so-called friends, the music hasn’t changed.

This is because of clogged ears that have been deafened by ignorance and unbridled power, but truth be told, there is a new rhythm about Africa which is about to dominate the airwaves in the spheres of governance and influence.

With all these developments, one wonders why inconsiderate African leaders would compete to destroy their own countries and send money to far away continents which they only visit here and there and yet spending much of their time amongst their poverty choked brothers and sisters who live despicably day in, day out.

One possible explanation to that, especially for the contemporary state resources looting squads that operate under the guise of liberation movements, is that, they also may have an idea of the impending African renaissance and as such, they are looking forward to cunningly siphon money out Africa and later bring back their loot under the veil of investment.

Brian Kazungu is a Christian, Media Practitioner, Author, Poet, Technology Enthusiast, Entrepreneur and an Opinion Leader. He is the author of the book Primitive Politics and The Poverty Machinery (


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Dr Bohloko, a Pharmacist Who Is Healing the African Continent beyond the Use of Medicine

Brian Kazungu



Dr Ntseliseng Bohloko

Brian Kazungu, 25/05/2021

As people grow up, what they choose as a profession has a serious impact on how they experience life and how they can make an impact to the world that they live in.

One good example is that in a world where people are troubled by various diseases which affects their ability to be productive and to enjoy life, there those sharp minded boys and girls in our midst who choose to pursue a career in the medical field in order to help take away the pain in others.

As if such a noble pursuit is noble enough for them, you may find the same people engaging in other areas of human life which have got a positive transformative effect in the society that they live in and even beyond.

It is therefore expedient that on this 25th of May, a day that we celebrate and commemorate Africa, a story has to be told of one of her daughters, Dr Ntseliseng Bohloko.

The Lesotho born pharmacist whose humane, and charitable push for a better and inclusive Africa is beyond inspirational continues to inspire and touch many souls through her medical profession and through various Pan African and charitable activities that she engages in.

Despite having a demanding career that comes from having a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Pharmaceutics and Drug Design from Potchefstroom University, a Master of Pharmacy from University of Durban plus a Post Graduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Management from the University of Stellenbosch, she still finds to pursue good social causes in various communities.

She also holds a Licentiate in Pharmacy from Havana in Cuba.

Dr. Bohloko was recently nominated and inducted as a Point of Light under the 1873 Network’s Banking On Africa’s Future 10 000 Points of Light – Hall of Fame.

The 1873 Network is a member-based non-profit organization established in South Africa for the purpose  of provoking, inspiring and igniting new and innovative ways of problem solving in Africa based on connected, equipped and forward leaning voluntary actors.

In accepting her induction into the Banking on Africa’s Future initiative, the Pan African minded Dr Bohloko said “We as Africans need to take hold of what we have in our own countries. Africa is rich but all the resources are being moved from Africa to the so-as developed countries for improvement and they come back to us as finished products.

Africa has resources, Africa has educated its own children in the developed countries. It is time for us the present generation to make use of the knowledge that we acquired in the developed countries and use it to develop and improve on the natural resources that we have as Africans.

I suggest and I am very happy to say that we need to guard Africa and incubate Africa so that we can export the finished products to developed countries and bring back the GDP that was God given to Africa.” She said.

Despite being a Pharmacist, she is also heavily invested in charity with various organizations including the Mercy Foundation as its Ambassador in Lesotho.

Mercy Foundation is a faith based initiative which is involved in addressing food security/community development among other charitable engagements coupled with preaching of the gospel irrespective of denomination.

In Lesotho, Mercy Foundation’s milestones includes partnering with LECSA and the Chamber of Commerce to kick start charitable activities.

Dr Bohloko who describes South Africa as a conglomerate of nations recently decried the existence of divisive mind-sets that seek to bring the continent apart instead of bringing it together in solving Africa’s perennial problems.

Such Ubuntu-ism is what motivated her to join a pro-immigrants’ rights organisation, MIWUSA (Migrant Workers Union in South Africa), previously ZIWUSA (meant solely for Zimbabweans) which fought/ negotiated for the issuing of the four (4)  year Zimbabwean Special Permits (ZSP) which enabled unqualified personnel to enter/work in RSA,  during Minister Gigaba’s tenure.

The success story of such an initiative then inspired her to lobby for the same types of permits for the people from Lesotho, a facility which was also being already enjoyed by fellow Africans from Mozambique by virtue of Mrs Graca Machel being the wife to President Nelson Mandela.

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Celebrating Work Excellence and The Essence of Life among Africans in Their Diversity through Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF), at The Royal India Restaurant, In Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa

Brian Kazungu



Brian Kazungu, 24/05/2021

The Banking on Africa Africa’s Future (BOAF), an initiative by the 1873 Network in partnership with Africa Heritage Society is redefining the idea of an African identity by bringing together Africans in the diversity through the 10 000 Points of Light – Hall of Fame project.

BOAF’s focus is on identifying and celebrating what a human being is doing to inspire others by being a point of light and a source of hope to many others regardless of a person’s skin colour, race and ethnicity as a way to simply celebrate good works and the essence of life.

Its 10 000 Points of Light – Hall of Fame project seeks to identify Africans who are pursuing their passions in a way that makes them to stand out and shine as points if light in their communities in order to inspire unity and development in a way that restores the continent’s long lost glory.

The 1873 Network is a non-profit organisation comprised of individuals and corporates who share a common passion and desire to build a new African identity focussing on returning Africa to its 1873 pre-colonial state.

Of lately, a number of the induction ceremonies has coincided with birthday celebrations of some of the inductees thus creating priceless and memorable times where the beauty of human excellence in a given profession is celebrated together with an appreciation of the essence of life.

Up to this day, different people from different backgrounds, races and professions in the African continent has been honoured by the 1873 Network at The Royal India Restaurant in Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa.

The Royal India Restaurant is a prime hospitality establishment situated in Africa’s richest square mile.

It is well known for its royal touch of excellence in both its cuisine, wines, music, customer service and the refreshing serenity that it gives to its patrons.

Recently, during the 10 000 Points of Light – Hall of Fame inductions, family and friends also gathered to spend a special birthday moment with one of the inductees, Ms Janice Greaver, a business management consultant, entrepreneur and philanthropist who turned 30.

Africa Heritage Society Chairperson, Mr Mutumwa Mawere says that it important to celebrate recognise and celebrate people for their outstanding work not because the same people seek to be honoured but simply because they passionately do what they do in a way which inspires others.

Mutumwa Mawere is a businessman and an author of an eye-opening book titled ‘When Minds Meet’ which gives the world a glimpse on the causes of Africa’s myriad of problems and it also offers solutions on how such challenges can be solved.

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BOAF 10 000 Points of Light – Hall of Fame Inductees Unapologetic About Their Resolve to Make Africa Shine Again

Brian Kazungu



Makhotso Michelle Maiko

Brian Kazungu, 19/05/2021

Banking on Africa’s Future – 10 000 Points of Light – Hall of Fame inductees who were honoured at The Royal India Restaurant yesterday for their contribution in re-igniting the flame of Africa’s glory expressed their unapologetic resolve to make the African continent a global economic giant.

One of the youngest inductees, a South African neuro-psychologist and entrepreneur Makhotso Michelle Maiko, who studied in Europe, including in countries such as Turkey and the United Kingdom said that it is now important for Africans to become unapologetic about their development.

Her conviction about Africa’s potential is anchored on her vast experiences in the realities of life across the continent and her exposure to other economies which are comparatively performing better across the world.

“I am proudly South African, Turkey speaking, lived in Lagos, and grew up in the dust streets of Cameroon and Ivory Coast as well. I really-really epitomise the African diaspora.” She said

Makhotso who revealed that she lives and breathes Pan Africanism also highlighted that the African continent already has all the social capital that it needs for it to rise as long as there is a systemised and integrated ecosystem to help in the pursuit of such an objective.

“What is important is really creating a systemised and integrated ecosystem for Africa. I like calling it the capital triad which is a combination of social, economic and intellectual capital. I think we have got all the resources which but they are very fragmented, and so, I think, Banking on Africa’s Future (BOAF) is an incredible initiative.” Makhotso added.

Her fellow inductee, the Cuban trained Lesotho born Pharmacist, Dr Ntseliseng Bohloko, who is also a member of a charity organisation, Mercy Foundation, said that this is the time for Africans to utilise the knowledge that they have towards adding value to God’s given natural resources.

“We as Africans need to take hold of what we have in our own countries. Africa is rich but all the resources are being moved from Africa to the so-as developed countries for improvement and they come back to us as finished products.

Africa has resources, Africa has educated its own children in the developed countries. It is time for us the present generation to make use of the knowledge that we acquired in the developed countries and use it to develop and improve on the natural resources that we have as Africans.

I suggest and I am very happy to say that we need to guard Africa and incubate Africa so that we can export the finished products to developed countries and bring back the GDP that was God given to Africa. Dr Bohloko recommended

Mr. Fakir Hassen, a veteran retired media practitioner and a renowned author who under the Mandela administration was part of the South African team to be commissioned to UNESCO in the United States of America said that Africa is his home.

The 68 year old Hassen of Indian ancestry, expressed that even though he is proud of his rich Indian cultural heritage, he is a South African and an African because since father and himself were all born in and bred in South Africa following the arrival of his grandparents into the country in the early 1900s as endangered labourers.

In describing the Africa he wants to see, he heighted that as inspired by Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela, he dreams for an Africa which is not stereotypical and where there is education for all and an Africa where poverty, hunger and corruption is eliminated.

He encouraged the sharing of knowledge especially through literature citing that information which is not shared has less value.

Kenyan born Corporate Executive, Mr.  Shayless Panchmatia who was also inducted expressed his willingness to help people in the mining industry especially the diamond sector to fully benefit from their engagement when it comes to this precious mineral rather than to be exploited in their own continent.

While speaking at the same event during his induction, wine specialist, Ronald Mkize, from the world renowned South African wine company, Graham Beck, expressed his excitement on the fact people were drinking the locally produced Graham Beck wine at the event.

“What makes me happy is that everyone here tonight understands the idea of Banking on Africa’s Future because I have seen people drinking a locally produced product here.” Ronald said

In expressing the power and potential of Africa as a giant, Ronald who has vast experience in the wine business, highlighted that Graham Beck is a South African brand which is locally and internationally recognised since it was selected for both the Mandela and Obama’s inauguration.

The 10 000 Points of Light – Hall of Fame induction ceremony coincided with another inductee, management consultant, media personality, philanthropist and business woman, Janice Greaver’s birthday, where she turned 30.

Fellow inductee, South African musician of Indian descent, Mr Bushan Dass who sang Janice a birthday song in the Indian language as a show of inclusivity in the rainbow nation was described by BOAF’s Director of Programs, Mr Jagjit Singh as an ornament in the music industry which must be honored.

Mr. Singh who said that now is the right time to remember all the beacons of hope in Africa also added that the Banking on Africa’s Future initiative is premised on the need to ignite the fire of hope and positive action which can inspire others.

The Guest of Honor at the event, Dr Ladislas Agbesi, the President of the Pan Africa Business Forum expressed his excitement over the identification and celebration of people who are recognized as shining stars in the African continent.

Dr Agbesi described the African continent as the most beautiful lady in the world at the moment and encouraged African governments to concentrate on their role of providing state security as well as managing policies and leave the rest to the private sector.

Africa Heritage Society Chairman, Mr Mutumwa Mawere who is spearheading the initiative through the 1873 Network, a non-profit organization established in South Africa for creating innovative ways of problem solving in Africa said that Africa belongs to all those who live in it.

He also expressed gratitude to all the people who are making the 10 000 Points of Light – Hall of Fame initiative a huge success.

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