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‘Businessman’ Raymond Makunde Exposed for Fraud on Bhuku Rebenzi’s C2C Cybercrime Watch

Mukoma Masimba



‘Businessman’ Raymond Makunde

Mukoma Masimba, 24/03/2021

On 22 March 2021, I received a thread of communication between Ms. Thando Ndlovu and a fellow member of the C2C network, Mr. Mutumwa Mawere, who I had introduced to a person by the name Mr Raymond Makunde.

Mr Raymond Makunde is based in the United Kingdom and he purports to be operating a logistics business in South Africa under the name Bishop’s Logistics.

He also claims to be an expert on cryptocurrencies and a shareholder of a group of companies operating in the United Kingdom (UK) and Zimbabwe.

From the face of the thread I received, the facts are as follows:

  1. A police case was opened in South Africa by a member of C2C, Mr JJ Singh, alleging that Mr. Makunde committed a crime of theft under false pretences and fraud in relation to a payment of R104 000.00 which his company, Bishops Logistics Pty Limited (Bishops) received on 22 February 2021 against a back-to-back promise to pay the equivalent to a UK based supplier.
  • .
  • The reference in relation to this payment is Ray C2C confirming that this transaction was conceived and executed in the spirit of building global community power based on trust and integrity.
  • Mr. Makunde was introduced to Mr Singh who in turn was introduced to another member of C2C, the payer in this case.
  • Funds were paid to the order of Mr. Makunde into the FNB account in the name of Bishops.
  • Mr. Makunde is well known in social media circles as a businessman.

I am sharing this disturbing information because I believe in the project to build community power and experiences like this undermine the entire enterprise.

Although no facts exist supporting the allegation that Mr. Mawere apart from introducing Mr Makunde as a successful businessman and a paid-up member of C2C, was involved in the money transaction, the screenshot below speaks volumes.

It is evidence of the diversionary tactics employed not only by Mr. Makunde but by people like Mr. Divine Maga especially when they get exposed.

When I introduced Mr. Makunde, I thought I knew him well having interacted with him extensively on social media but I am now informed that he is a South African citizen under a slightly different surname and is also a South African passport holder.

I had no idea that the person I have always known as Mr. Makunde is in truth and fact also known as Mr. Makunae.

The director of Bishops is the later. I am grateful for being a member of C2C because in this digital age, it is impossible to know who is who; in the virtual world.

Information flows make the world smaller and smarter. How else would I have known the multiple personalities that may easily lead to financial loss and ruin for others if not exposed and nipped in the bud.

Set out below is the complete thread referred to above. More will be revealed under the C2C CYBER CRIME WATCH, an initiative of the C2C Network to create crime free ecosystems through active citizenship.


3:03 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: Hi Mr Mawere

[3:03 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: Please forward me to police number again

[3:06 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: Did you speak to him.

[3:06 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: Yes, that’s the chat

[3:09 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: Hlulani Mabunda

[3:28 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: I have sent him the police number

[3:29 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: He says you do typing jobs for him. Is this true?

[3:29 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: Hope he will contact them and clear me

[3:30 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: Yes he sometimes asked me to type stuff for him

[3:32 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: I knew him through Facebook as I saw he was a businessman who travels a lot and has a company, so I approached him looking for a job since I saw that he comes to SA and then he said to me he will try find something for me from his colleagues but in the meantime he can assist me with the little just to help me with buying food and stuff…

[3:32 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: Do you know that I have no business with him in this matter?

[3:33 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: I don’t even know what’s going on and who is involved

[3:35 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: But it appears that he is implicating you by saying that you have professional relationship with the account holder Bishop where payments were made to you.

This is a business account and perhaps you may have to apply your mind on your relationship with the company.

[3:35 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: No I was not working for his company

[3:42 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: But he paid from a company that benefited from fraudulent funds?

[3:42 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: [3/19, 3:36 PM] Ray C2C: You bribe police shame on you now busy harassing innocent people and getting into my account its illegal

[3/19, 3:41 PM] mdmawere1: What is my interest in this? Did you pay Ali what you were supposed to pay? Why think when a crime exists?

Are you denying that you stole the money from people you don’t know? Why seek to import my name in your own doing?

[3:56 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: How would I have known that he was doing fraud? Like I said I don’t know Ray personally never met him, he stays in the UK, am in SA. I don’t know what he does with his business. All I know is he has a logistics company called Bishop Logistics…

[3:56 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: Which he advertises on Facebook even on his WhatsApp

[3:57 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: But do you see how he is trying to implicate you by suggesting that you have an employee to employer relationship?

[3:58 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: How can you type for a person you don’t know and get paid for it? This is the question that would be asked.

[4:00 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: I will leave Mr Makunde to answer some of these questions coz ini hangu am innocent in all this..I don’t even know who was frauded by him and how you are also involved

[4:00 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: I don’t even know who Ali is

[4:01 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: He has already implicated you and perhaps you don’t realize the problem he has set you up for.

[4:01 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: The money you got came from a deposit made by Ali in the business account.

[4:02 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: I am trying to assist you to understand this. He also used me in the fraud. I know Ali and he paid the funds because of trust in me.

[4:02 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: Eish…so how will this be solved

[4:03 PM, 3/19/2021] mdmawere1: He should have just told you the truth that he obtained funds under false pretences and used the funds as if they were his.

[4:10 PM, 3/19/2021] Thando Mobicash: My network is bad

[3:40 PM, 3/21/2021] Thando Mobicash: Hello Mr Mawere, did you manage to get Ray to sort out the guy’s money and pay him back? I tried reaching him but to no avail…

[3:42 PM, 3/21/2021] mdmawere1: [2/23, 1:08 PM] Ray C2C: Payment just came through now

[2/23, 1:08 PM] mdmawere1: Great. What is the way forward?

[2/23, 1:10 PM] Ray C2C: Am going to do the transfer to the beneficially account but can  we see what he Can do about our services like I said will be doing for mahala as it stands

[2/23, 1:46 PM] Ray C2C: Anyway when is the next one?

[2/23, 1:47 PM] mdmawere1: I think we can push once we have completed this one. What do you think? We need to have a better understanding to avoid any confusion.

[2/23, 3:42 PM] Ray C2C: Mukoma I need the beneficiary name and please confirm that the payment is going to FNB, Channel Island

[2/23, 3:56 PM] mdmawere1: Ok thanks

[2/23, 4:09 PM] mdmawere1: [2/23, 4:07 PM] mdmawere1: The account has no name?

[2/23, 4:08 PM…

[9:52 AM, 3/22/2021] Thando Mobicash: This is sad, I used to think Ray is a genuine business person

[9:54 AM, 3/22/2021] mdmawere1: It is unfortunate that he now wants to play me instead of owning up to the fraud. You can see that he acknowledged receipt of the funds.

I didn’t pay him any of the funds. Where does my name come in?

[9:55 AM, 3/22/2021] Thando Mobicash: Yes I saw, I think the fact that he is in the UK makes him think that he won’t be arrested for all that he is doing..

[10:06 AM, 3/22/2021] mdmawere1: Now why did he have to lie that payments to you from stolen funds was in lieu of typing services when this is not true?

[1:08 PM, 3/22/2021] mdmawere1: 2021/03/06, 8:40 pm – Messages and calls are end-to-end encrypted. No one outside of this chat, not even WhatsApp, can read or listen to them. Tap to learn more.

2021/03/06, 8:40 pm – The Royal India: Hello Brother

2021/03/06, 8:41 pm – The Royal India: Singh here

2021/03/06, 8:41 pm – The Royal India: Hope you back in UK

2021/03/06, 8:41 pm – The Royal India: We haven’t received any payment to date

2021/03/06, 8:41 pm – The Royal India: Into Channel Iceland account

2021/03/06, 8:41 pm – The Royal India: I am wondering why it’s taking long

2021/03/06, 8:44 pm – The Royal India: You didn’t honour your commitment.

2021/03/06, 8:45 pm – The Royal India: Please let me know what is the way forward as we are under heavy pressure

2021/03/06, 9:07 pm – Ray C2C UK: Wil…

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