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Hosting Heaven: A Platform to help Women bring Structure, Discipline, Clarity, Direction, and Intentionality into their Spiritual Journeys.

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Interview with Rutendo Melody Kanguru

Global development in general, and progressive community transformation to be specific, is usually driven by informed cooperation of passionate and focused individuals who utilise available resources in order to adapt to the changes in weather, time and circumstances towards the best possible life that people can achieve.

In this regard, religions, like Christianity can inspire and motivate people across the world to create sustainable, peaceful and prosperous communities when Bible principles are adopted for the common good of humanity.

Rutendo Melody Kanguru (RMK)’s Hosting Heaven is one of the religious-based life-transforming initiatives through which societies can have an increase in entrepreneurial, leadership, inspirational and positive social change agents that can make the world a better place for all.

As, we once published an article titled Africa, 4IR and the Youth are the main attractions of the Decade

In this article, we highlighted how these three are re-shaping the global psycho-social and economic landscape.

Rutendo and her Hosting Heaven project perfectly fit into this narrative since she is an African youth who is boldly utilising technology (the internet, social media included) to venture into and promote Bible inspired initiatives that transform real individuals in real communities towards personal and corporate development.’s Brian Kazungu had an interview with the trendsetting Rutendo in order to find out more about her personality and her Hosting Heaven Initiative.

Zwnews24: Briefly describe yourself (background, personality, passions, dreams and aspirations etc.) so that our readers (audience) can have a clear picture of who you are and what you stand for as a progressive social change agent.

RMK: My name is Rutendo Melody Kanguru. I was born and raised in Zimbabwe. I grew up in a township called Budiriro, in Harare. I always loved teaching and I remember being very young, lining up bricks on the ground, then taking a piece of charcoal and giving names to all those bricks, treating them like they were all my students as I pretended I was a school teacher. I would then proceed to teach them everything I had learnt that day at school. Fast forward, a couple of decades later, I teach young women from across the globe how to intentionally design the Christian lifestyle they love living in, through my YouTube channel: The Teacher’s Show, as well we through my book: Hosting Heaven, and coffee meet-ups, not forgetting the coming annual women’s conference.

Zwnews24: What is the Hosting Heaven initiative about and the reasons and or motivation behind it? 

RMK: Hosting heaven is a platform designed to help women bring structure, discipline, clarity, direction and intentionality into their spiritual journeys. We created a tool called the ‘Hosting Heaven Planner’ that helps women track, review and pay close and meticulous attention to the progress they are making in practising Biblical disciplines such as prayer, charity work, relationships, Bible study, meditation & even taking care of their health, their heart and posture as they navigate through life. 

Zwnews24: When and how did you start the Hosting Heaven project? How has it been received by people around the world and what has been the response by people in your circles including family and friends regarding this initiative?

RMK: Hosting Heaven started as a book which I released in 2016. The book then gave birth to a Study Guide filled with questions for introspection for Christians on their spiritual growth. We based the planner on 1 Timothy 4:7 which encourages us to train ourselves unto godliness, implying an active, intentional, purposeful approach towards becoming better versions of ourselves through practical practises of spiritual and Biblical disciplines.

This was well-received more than we anticipated. Having seen that there was a great need for providing ‘question-based material’ that permitted the modern-day young Christian to approach their Christian journey with introspection while taking time to take stock of their growth and accounting for how much of that growth had taken place, we created the House of Hosting Heaven Planner. 

Last year, the planner became an instant favourite with many women from across the globe gathering on our Facebook group to do Monthly reviews, holding each other accountable for their prayer lives and overall spiritual growth.

Seeing how many young women became interested in the planner, we then started to host coffee meetings across different provinces in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We have now moved to Dublin, Ireland. We call them ‘Hosting Heaven Brunches’. We see the vision expanding and growing into other regions and continents soon.

Zwnews24: Would you briefly describe some of the work that you have done so far in promoting this initiative? How has been the progress, if there has been any and how has that made you feel when you compare the current achievements to the grand vision?

RMK: Our movement has found many more people learning about it through Facebook and also through a group of women that we like to call ‘care-leaders’ who have not only initiated hosting the events in their provinces but have also taken it upon themselves to use their platforms to market and expand the reach of the meetings.

We also have a Youtube Channel called the Teacher’s Show which also helps us to connect with other women from further outside of Africa. So, I can say that social media has played a pivotal role in the spreading of what we do at ‘Hosting Heaven’.

Zwnews24: If people want to support or invest in your work in any or all possible forms, how best can they do it and how do they get in touch with you either for feedback on your work or for any other related correspondence? 

RMK: Our message is a timeless and truly needed message in these times where the world is filled with a lot of noise from all angles. At the heart of many of humanity’s problems is a lack of knowledge that there is a resting place in the presence of God, a place where many can find their healing and peace.

Because we have a timeless message, we are currently supported by well-wishing individuals who partner with us on different projects, seeding into the vision through their finances. We are looking forward to doing more life-changing projects and as such, any person or organization wanting to join in and help the Hosting Heaven initiative in making it a continuous success story can email us at with the subject heading PARTNERSHIP.

For updates and other engagements besides the email address provided, people can also get in touch with us through Social Media and through our website:

Instagram: @hostingheavenconference

Facebook: The Teacher’s Show


Zwnews24: What are your guiding values which determine what you do and how you manage the Hosting Heaven agenda? 

RMK: Our values are simple. We value intentionality (we believe in a life lived on purpose by nurturing a planned and well protected spiritual growth plan). We value Diversity (we are non-denominational organisation, focusing more on the principle of cultivating prayer and intimacy with God outside the boundaries of denomination.), we value Laughter (we create a safe place for women to share their problems without being judged so they can find their laugh again) and we value unity (we know that unity commands a blessing according to Psalm 133:3).

Zwnews24: What has been some of the most cherished and memorable feedback that you have received from your audience so far and how has it impacted you? Please share some of the priceless feedback that you received.

RMK: One lady sent us a testimony that she and her young baby girl watch videos from our YouTube channel (The Teacher’s Show) about prayer together (the lady is in her late 40s while her daughter is a young teenager). She then proceeded to order my book ‘Hosting Heaven’ for herself and her young daughter. The power in her testimony made us as a team to realise that the message we are championing is trans-generational and that it was relevant, needed and necessary for such a time as this!

Zwnews24: It is a fact that any undertaking has its own challenges here and there. In this regard, are there any challenges that you have faced so far in the pursuit of the Hosting Heaven mission? If so, what are these and how have you dealt with them? 

RMK: There has been so much grace over the work we do and we keep seeing God on the move in all our projects. We have however had very lofty ideas around how we wanted our Hosting Heaven Conferences and experiences to look like, which we were not able to carry out with precision because natural resources have a limit. 

But we know that we are heading to a place where abundance will be the order of the day and we will be able to create the vision we have for ‘women coming together to pursue God’s heart’…with precision! At the moment, we keep making the most of what we have and we keep proving to God that we are ready for more through the disciplined and resourceful use of what He entrusts us with.

Zwnews24: What is it that makes you continue with this project regardless of the various challenges that you may have already encountered or that you may encounter from time to time? 

RMK: We are very sensitive to the struggles of women. We see how many young women are struggling with the issue of identity, a lack of direction, depression, suicidal thoughts, lack of self-worth and many other life-altering problems. This makes us wake up every day wanting to introduce them to a loving God who wants to build a relationship with them. All he says is ‘Invite me in and Host Me’…and he is willing to do the directing, healing, loving, re-inventing and mending. We consider ourselves a connecting string for people and God.

I have learnt that problems naturally gravitate towards their solution and as such, every challenge we have faced with ‘Hosting Heaven’ has been a powerful opportunity for us to stretch in maturity as visionaries, trust God even more and grow on all levels! We have ferocious faith! We trust recklessly! We serve with the heart. And we have learnt to find joy in the tough moments and use the currency of faith to make some moves which sometimes look very ambitious in the natural eye, but are then tackled by God’s divine help.

Zwnews24: Based on your journey with the Hosting Heaven project, what are your words of advice and motivation to youngsters and even grown-ups who would like to follow suit and complement your efforts in positively transforming the world from their respective corners?

RMK: Don’t overthink it. You will overthink your way out of God’s leading. Start with what you have; provision will always follow the vision. Never project your financial situation on your vision, because these two are independent entities. Your vision will be funded by God. Start small, think big. Always position yourself for impact. And in the wise words of my local Pastor, Respect and show dignity to the few you have and God will give the increase. 

Zwnews24: Many people, especially the youth are grappling with serious stress-causing unemployment because of various factors including advancement in technology with much of the work being automated and mechanized, etc. As a person who is dreaming and actually working towards making the world a better place for all through Hosting Heaven, what is your advice to the job-seeking masses around the world especially in Africa?

RMK: There is a huge market for problem solvers in any place in the world. A problem solver will never be limited by their professional qualification, and neither by the existence of a job nor lack there-of. Problem solvers will always find ways to look for solutions and can monetise their service.

I think it is high time that we step outside our limited scope of why we attained an education as young people and realise that much of what education was meant to do, was simply to make us ‘problem solvers’ and ‘thinkers’. 

So in the next few years, the world is going to be rewarding greatly and handsomely to ‘thinkers’, ‘innovators’, ‘trendsetters’ and ‘solution bearers’, many of who will not even be qualified in their area of trade but will have an observing eye to people’s needs and an ability to find and patent solutions. 

I encourage every young person wherever you are, that you have to be thinking “What is the problem here and how can I solve it”. This does not need to be confined to a ‘job space’. It’s a mentality! I personally believe that for believers this mentality can be harnessed and be sharpened by Hosting Heaven and tapping into the mind of Christ.

Zwnews24: Besides you, who are the other people behind the scenes that are contributing towards the success of Hosting Heaven and what is it specifically that they are doing in this regard? 

RMK: We have a dedicated core-team which we affectionately call the ‘care-leaders’ (Precious, Busi, Notsikelelo, Rumbidzai and Sharon). These ladies have given their time, their attention and their gifts of leading to making sure that the brunches and conferences we have are a success and a supernatural experience for every woman who comes in thirsty and yearning for more of God. 

We are also blessed to have a team of men who continuously show us support with videography, logistics and venue setting. We have truly seen God’s hand and favour on the vision through the support they give to a fairly ‘female-oriented’ event.

Zwnews24: Are there people or organisations that you would like to acknowledge and credit, be it for their emotional and material input or contribution (support) towards the Hosting Heaven project? 

RMK: My personal local church ‘God’s Favorite House (an intimate small Jesus crazy church in Cape Town) has been such a support, strengthening me to do the work I do with Hosting Heaven. They have encouraged, supported and prayed for me for every event.

We can never thank our financial partners enough (who are very modest and currently prefer anonymity). They make the vision catch fire and move across provinces, countries and continents. We have been overwhelmed by their support so far and they keep us going.

We are excited and very keen on working with many more likeminded organisations this year. We want to make friends, create synergies, collaborate with other ministries and are anticipating for God to align us with the right people for the journey.

Zwnews24: Who can you say is your role model when it comes to such kind of work that you are doing through Hosting Heaven? Who is inspiring you to want to do it better every day? Why is that so?

RMK: I deeply admire Heather Lindsey whose model with her organisation ‘Pinky Promise’ has always been our go-to when we don’t know how to do something. She runs an international women’s movement and we have loved following her footsteps and getting inspiration from her work.

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, Dr Ruth Makandiwa, Dr Cindy Trimm, and many young women (too many to mention) who are showing that God is reachable, available and can transform lives are our constant inspiration and we are blessed to have them gone ahead of us.

Zwnews24: What is it, whether material or otherwise, which you can look at and say, because of or through my engagements in the Hosting Heaven project, I have managed to achieve this or this is how my life has been transformed? 

RMK: I can certainly say that I have learnt ‘leadership’ through Hosting Heaven. I have learnt the ‘art of building’ systems and structures that hold up an organisation. It has also been a journey of learning how to make ‘Romancing the heart of God’ popular, palatable to our generation and mainstream (which I like to call the art of selling). It has made me grow in my personal capacity and I see the fruits overflowing even in my personal career as an accountant. 

Melody is an author, Web Television host and a qualified Accountant. She wrote the Hosting Heaven book and the Hosting Heaven Planner. She is also a presenter on The Teacher’s Show (on YouTube) with viewers in over 128 countries.

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Shabani Mashaba Mines (SMM) CEO, Mr Chirandu Dhlembeu Acknowledges the ‘Hijacking’ of Mawere’s Mount Pleasant House

Brian Kazungu



Mawere's Mount Pleasant House: Picture Credit - Zimlive

Brian Kazungu, 28/04/2021

SMM Holdings Limited CEO, Mr. Chirandu Dhlembeu acknowledged and took personal responsibility over the unlawful hijacking of Mawere’s house following investigations by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on some fraudulent lease arrangements.

According to investigations, Dhlembeu acknowledged that he authorized the agreements without approval from Gwaradzimba, the Administrator who was appointed by then Minister of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs, Patrick Chinamasa to have oversight on SMM operations.

However, in a new twist of events, ‘alleged’ further investigations by the Anti-Corruption Commission is said to have established that the contracting party in the lease agreement which also involves an estate agent is neither Dhlembeu himself nor SMM as previously submitted.

The ZACC official in charge of the matter, when contacted for comment on the issue, only referred to the mysterious missing figure as a ‘third party’ and promised to follow some leads on the matter.

Facts established by this paper show that the arrangement in relation to Mawere’s house that existed prior to the introduction of the extra-judicial Reconstruction of SMM were surprisingly allowed to continue outside the limitations imposed by the same Act.

While commenting on Dhlembeu’s feedback that he acted on his own without the knowledge of both Mawere and Gwaradzimba in engaging and concluding a contract with Knight Frank and Rutley Zimbabwe (KFRZ) to manage Mawere’s property, law expert, Mr. Frederick Kyle, said:

“This is shocking that Mr. Dhlembeu in any constitutional dispensation would deal with another person’s property without the authority and consent of the owner.”

Mr Kyle who is also a C2C Legal Literacy Initiative member expressed doubts of any personal financial gain by Dhlembeu but highlighted that in any case, if he did it for the benefit of SMM, he is liable for perjury and must be arrested and charged accordingly. 

“I doubt if the rental income was paid to his personal bank account. If it was, then he doesn’t need to benefit from the protection of the law. If the funds were paid to the order of SMM, then he deserves another charge of perjury and defeating the ends of justice.”

The charges are clear and obvious. Instead of assisting the investigators, he has taken the view that protecting Gwaradzimba is more important than protecting the rule of law. His version that he acted without the knowledge and consent of Gwaradzimba automatically should lead to his dismissal.

The fact that he remains employed by SMM after admitting to a crime, confirms his complicity with Gwaradzimba in the hijacking of Mawere’s property by abusing public power conferred by law.

There appears to be no law or authority that should protect both Dhlembeu and Gwaradzimba from handcuffs.” Mr Kyle said.

The ZACC official who spoke on the matter said that a tenant in the house has already been given a three month notice to vacate the premises and pleaded that Mawere should be thankful of the effort shown by ZACC so far and must wait for the final case report.

However, Mawere queried the rationale of continuing with investigations when it is already established that there are people illegally benefitting from his property for 17 years and asked also how the ‘alleged’ third party could enter into a contract for his property without his consent.

He also sought to establish the ZACC officer’s logic of giving the tenant a three month notice, a development which accords respect to an illegal contract that was fraudulently obtained.

 “I had no idea that Zimbabwe would descend to this level of anarchy where property rights can be infringed upon with the law enforcement agencies playing a complicit and enabling role.” Mawere said.

Other people privy to the developments in this whole saga described the ZACC ‘excuse’ as an abuse of the law to safeguard the interests of criminals at the expense of their victims.

Friends of SMM (FOSMM), Secretary General Mr. Tapuwa Chitambo expressed shock on revelations that the Reconstruction Act could have been ‘used’ to commit a crime where someone assumes control and management of another’s property without the owner’s permission.

“To me, knowingly and intentionally hijacking the property to the financial prejudice of the owner is a crime period. If it is correct that Gwaradzimba had no knowledge of this, then he is not fit for purpose.

The only way to start knocking them is for him, Dhlembeu, to be arrested. If he is not arrested, then he will be above the law. He has admitted he used for gain, someone else’s property without their knowledge or consent.

Why would the Minister of Justice appoint a person like this who can claim that for 17 years, he was not aware that SMM was receiving rental income for a property that fell outside the jurisdiction of SMM and his control?

It is strange that to date, no records of the money flows have been furnished to the owner of the property by Gwaradzimba and his accomplice, Dhlembeu, and on the face of it, it is clear that a scheme or conspiracy to defeat the ends of justice is in play here.

To compound matters, it was ultra vires the Recon Act for an employee like Dhlembeu to knowingly and intentionally enter into any lease in relation to the house during the period of reconstruction. Dhlembeu must be charged in terms of the common law and other provisions.”

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zwnews24 Editor



Dear CGP Godwin Matanga Sir,

I address you, not because I am a former policeman but as a patriotic and peace-loving Zimbabwean. I have decided not to use the proper channel to address you since I am in pain and a great shock. As enshrined in the Constitution of Zimbabwe, the Police Service must protect and secure the lives of people living in the country. And it should also maintain law and order.

I have read the gruesome murder of an innocent civilian Paul Munakopa by our police officers from Hillside Police Station in Bulawayo. Mr. Munakopa died of injuries after officers opened fire at his vehicle on Saturday 23 May 2020. It pains me to see this kind of police brutality happening daily to my fellow citizens.

Chapter 4 of the Constitution of Zimbabwe is loud and clear ‘RIGHT TO LIFE’. As told by Mr. Munakopa’s wife he was not armed or possession of any weapon. It’s now over a week you have done nothing to bring the culprit to book. Look at what is happening in Minneapolis, Minnesota in the United States of America last week, a policeman killed an unarmed man, George Floyd. In less than 48 hours the cop was fired from police service and arrested for third-degree murder. The same should happen to the late Paul case here in Zimbabwe.

A fortnight ago three female opposition activists were arrested for staging an illegal demonstration in Harare. The activists were abducted and sexually assaulted whilst in police custody. As a former policeman, I am aware sir, every accused person in police custody is subject to booking and every occurrence at a police station is recorded in the Occurrence Book. What happened to these three ladies? I am praying for your immediate resignation from the Police Service since you do not deserve to lead such a vital government department. It’s far much better to concentrate on farming at your farm. We are sick and of human abuse by Zimbabwe security agents.

Yours in pain

Bloom Tizora (Author of 2 books, blogger, writer and former Zimbabwe policeman)

Bloom Tizora is a Zimbabwean author, entrepreneur, motivational speaker, security advisor, and travel writer. He is a former Zimbabwe Republic Police officer from 2004 until his time of resignation in 2012.

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Fundamental Congruence Analysis

zwnews24 Editor



Fundamental Congruence Analysis

The Fundamental Congruence philosophy is premised on the discovery of the purpose of something and then designing or crafting a system and its related components in way that makes it possible for the whole to effectively achieve its objectives without individual components interfering and undermining the relevance and wellbeing of other components or negatively affecting the whole structure/unit.

In order for us to clearly understand and progressively make use of the Fundamental Congruence concept, we must firstly and separately analyze the meaning of the following words: 1) Fundamental 2) Congruence

Fundamentals are generally the basics or foundation of or for anything. As such, since the whole is made up of different components in order for it to serve its defined purpose,the components thereof must be in their right position and doing the right thing.

By congruence, I refer to the harmonious working together of these basic or primary components in order for them to achieve the desired results.

Let us also look at the dictionary meanings of the words Fundamental and Congruence, so that we can understand better what we are talking about.

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Fundamental means serving as a basis supporting existence or determining essential structure or function while congruence means the quality or state of agreeing, coinciding, or being congruent.

So basically, Fundamental Congruence means a collection and arrangement of components that are fitly joined and working together to achieve a defined purpose.

The arrangement and interaction of these components must be so orderly that no component will expressly or impliedly work against the effective functioning of the other.

In order for us to clearly understand the Fundamental Congruence concept, we must come up with a congruence checklist which helps us to answer the various critical questions that are important for analyzing the relevance, design and layout of components in our structure.

The Fundamental Congruence checklist seeks to define:

1) What is this component?

2) What does it do?

3) Why does it do so?

4) What happens if it does not do so or if does not do it in the right way?

5) Where is this component situated in the anatomy?

6) Why is it situated there?

7) What happens if it is removed or moved to another place or if it is misplaced?

8) Who is in charge of this component and why?

9) How is its effectiveness assessed?

10) What happens if it is effective or not?

These ten questions will help you in designing very effective structures that helps in the easy attainment of results and mission accomplishment.

Without asking these relevant questions, there is a great likelihood of coming up with or maintaining components that interfere with the effectiveness of the other parts or even of the whole structure at the expense of the relevant stakeholders.

This checklist can be applied to any mission across the divide whether it is personal or institutional in nature. It applies to departments in an organization, ingredients in a product and even to social relations in the family or society as whole among others.

Adapted from the book The Fundamental Congruence Analysis Pocketbook written by Brian Kazungu

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