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Increase Your Business Visibility and Market Share Through Connections2Communities (C2C) Exposure

Brian Kazungu



Brian Kazungu, 27/01/2021

An unprecedented global increase in the adoption and use of digital technology especially cell-phones in personal and corporate pursuits have resulted in individuals, SMEs and large corporations utilising e-commerce as the new normal in business transactions.

With this new reality, social media platforms, besides connecting friends and relatives across the world, they are now playing a significant role in spreading business related information which is making it possible for entrepreneurs to efficiently and profitably reach their target audience.

According to a United Nations article titled Africa’s Mobile Youth Drive Change written by Jocylene Sambira: “The World Bank and African Development Bank report that there are 650 million mobile users in Africa, surpassing the number in the United States or Europe. In some African countries more people have access to a mobile phone than to clean water, a bank account or electricity.”

As such, in an effort to help businesses increase their visibility and market share in this digital new normal, a prominent businessman man, Mr Mutumwa Mawere, whose is a member of C2C, a corporate and civic literacy initiative that promotes collaboration in solving problems has offered his social media platforms with a reach of 7 million people to those who join the C2C community.

When contacted for comment by iniAfrica news about his social media statistics and whether individuals and corporates can advertise their products and services on his platform, he said, “they can be members of C2C and we will post their adverts.”

C2C Membership Link:

The C2C community has two basic yearly membership categories namely a business and personal membership option with the fees thereof being R2000 and R500 respectively while an extra R100 is charged for those who also want mentorship.

Over the years, members of the C2C community have benefited from ideas as well as from legal, corporate and civic topics on the platform including the pursuit of a shared understanding on issues such as the identity and liability of companies.

Mores-so, other issues that have been touched on include the duties, relationship and responsibilities between directors and shareholders in a business.

While commenting on embracing technology in the new normal, in a conversation with a digital solutions specialist Lovemeore Chanengeta on Facebook, Mr Mawere said “the promise of the digital age is instructive and human beings are predictable in making aspirational choices. We have arrived and Corona has exposed that efficiency can be enhanced by going digital.”

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Over R100 000 Worth Of Menstrual Cups Donated To Women At Nelspruit Correctional Services and Many Other Centers In Mpumalanga, South Africa

Brian Kazungu



Photo Credit - Desire' Fourie -

Brian Kazungu, 26/02/2021

Over R100 000 worth of menstrual cups were recently donated to women at Nelspruit Correctional Services and many other centers in Mpumalanga, South Africa.

Women from Nelspruit Correctional Services, Masoyi Home Based Care, Hlaisane Centre, Kanyisa Mahlentabeni Home Based Care and Cyril Clark High School benefited from this event which was held at Nelspruit Correctional Services.

The noble charity event which was organized by Blessing M Holdings and Nody Brand was also made successful by the participation of regular community benefactors such as Oasis Water and many other community development centric corporates such as Fourie Digital, Miniteman Press, Sheppard Boutique and GRB Solutions.

Nody Menstrual Cups are re-usable, soft, hypoallergenic silicone cups that collects menstrual flow and it can last for up ten (10) years. These cups are an effective and durable substitute for the normal sanitary towel. 

Nody Brand said that their menstrual cups do not contain latex, BPA or any other creepy additives as compared to tampons which contain bleached rayon and other unhealthy chemicals.

According to Healthline, a medical publication, menstrual cups are not associated with toxic shock syndrome as is with the case with tampons and they don’t need to be regularly changed because of their reusability.

Blessing M Holdings CEO, Blessing Mmola described the event as both emotional and exciting considering the opportunity given them to engage with all the female prisoners during the presentation and demonstration on the use of this exciting hygienic product.

She appealed to many other businesses and individuals in Mpumalanga for partnership on different charitable community projects that improves the lives and dignity of people in the province.

“As a brand which is passionate about breaking walls between business owners, their customers and the community, our doors are always open to work hand in hand to achieve one goal.” Said Blessing.

She further expressed gratitude to the Area commissioner of Barberton Correctional Services Mr Mid Jonn Mhlongo as well as to the Acting Head and all the Management from Nelspruit Correctional Services for making the event a successful reality.

The donation of menstrual cups comes after another related event organized Blessing M Holdings and eMpumalanga TV which brought together a number of the province’s enterprising well-wishers towards the distribution of sanitary towels to disadvantaged schools in Mbombela.

Local businesses and civic organizations which participated in that event include Oasis Nelspruit, Chil Pepper Boutique Hotel, Bundu Lodge, Lamilage Cosmetics, The Ark of Nation, Breakfast with Prisca, Lam Brand, Sibane Selitsembe Youth Organisation, GRB Solutions & Projects.

Such exercises are also in line with the Government’s Sanitary Dignity Program which is a response to the high risk of many girls especially from poor backgrounds missing school due to the failure to manage their menstrual cycle hygienically.

According to the Sanitary Dignity Policy Framework, no girl child must miss school due to the lack of sanitary dignity products that helps them to manage a natural biological process.

For more information regarding Nody Products or partnerships, call 0647701409.

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The Journey Towards Creating A Corporate Masterclass Through Building A Circle of Problems Solvers In The C2C Community




Mr Gerald Kanyepi

Gerald Kanyepi, 03/02/2021

It was on 11 January 2021 that I took the first step of introducing myself to Mr. Mutumwa Mawere with a simple request to be added to a WhatsApp group that he created called – what is a leader?

He responded by undertaking to add me to the group as well as asking ether I would object to paying a subscription fee of R500 per year.

My response to the latter question was a no brainier. I also added as follows: “Besides what I have read in the article what else is at hand. Knowing you from a business point of view, I may need to share a few details of what I am doing in the renewable energy industry”

Mr. Mawere then responded immediately as follows: “Great. The idea is to build communities of people who are keen to be in The Bank of Hope.”

The rest is now history. The reason I am writing this message to you has been provoked by my conversation of yesterday with Mr. Mawere almost a month after joining as a C2C paid up member as well as a participant in the two WhatsApp groups – What Is A Company and What Is A Leader?

Set out below is a thread of the conversation of yesterday:

“[2/2, 4:34 PM] mdmawere1: Hello

[2/2, 4:34 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: Good day sir

[2/2, 4:34 PM] mdmawere1: How is it going?

[2/2, 4:35 PM] mdmawere1: What is your take on the content in the groups?

[2/2, 4:35 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: All is great. Navigating the terrain with caution as the norm is changing.

[2/2, 4:37 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: The content is good, it’s just that we are not having a follow through on a particular topic and have a moderator who then concludes and we move on to the next. As for the content it’s good. Especially ‘What is a company’

[2/2, 4:38 PM] mdmawere1: That is why the circle of 100 is important.

[2/2, 4:39 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: You are are absolutely correct.

[2/2, 4:39 PM] mdmawere1: Are any of your friends following or interested in learning?

[2/2, 4:40 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: They are interested, I will make them to join.

[2/2, 4:41 PM] mdmawere1: Let us create a circle using the problem – what is a company – as the cause?

[2/2, 4:41 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: Perfect.

[2/2, 4:42 PM] mdmawere1: What name should we use for the group?

[2/2, 4:44 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: We are basically looking at a Company vs Business right? So we may rephrase that. The biggest confusion is on having a Business or having a company

[2/2, 4:46 PM] mdmawere1: C2CGKWIAC CIRCLE



And then your identity becomes:

C2CGKWIAC00001 – You then become #1 in the circle.

I become #2. The promise is that when we reach 100 then we can start to invite the corporate masters to share their insights.

[2/2, 4:47 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: Noted. Quality is key.

[2/2, 4:55 PM] mdmawere1: Does the structure make sense?

[2/2, 4:56 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: It does

[2/2, 4:56 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: This has to be for subscribers only right

[2/2, 4:57 PM] mdmawere1: Yes

[2/2, 5:00 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: Noted

[2/2, 5:12 PM] mdmawere1: Do you have a list of people who you would want to be part of the circle?.

[2/2, 5:13 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: Yes

[2/2, 5:13 PM] mdmawere1: We can start there. Did the article generate any feedback?

[2/2, 5:14 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: I have a few that have businesses that would really benefit from the interactions

[2/2, 5:14 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: It did, from international connections. It was excellent

[2/2, 5:16 PM] mdmawere1: Great. Should I draft your motivation letter to the list?

[2/2, 5:16 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: May you give me a bit of time, I need to  talk to some very influential people to be a part of the group as well, so I have to sell the idea to them then make them join

[2/2, 5:16 PM] Gerald Kanyepi: Yes

As such, I say to anyone, if you are interested as I am in improving literacy on corporate matters, I strongly encourage you to be consider being part of my circle of 100.

Having been part of this group, I have already received value that ordinarily I would not have known and my understanding of corporate issues has been greatly enhanced.

I also hold the view that when we come together to pursue a common purpose, we all would advance our personal and collective knowledge on the question at hand.

As an aviator and entrepreneur, I have learned that no business can take place absent human actors like me hence my unqualified response to the call for me to be a paid up member of an initiative that speaks to my own quest to become a significant change agent using a company as a vehicle to impact on societal challenges.

Should the above be of interest to you, kindly respond on my WhatsApp number which is +971 50 821 9643.

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Understanding Physical Sciences for Matrics All over the World through Adoption of Online Learning with ETEG

Edward Masanzu



06/01/2021, Edward Masanzu

Physical Sciences is a branch of natural science that studies non-living systems, in contrast to Life Sciences. It in turn has many branches, each referred to as a “physical science”, together called the “physical sciences”.

There are four physical Sciences namely Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy and Earth Science

In the South African school curriculum, the subject Physical Sciences is a combination of two of the above four physical sciences namely Physics and Chemistry.

As such I will give you a brief of what the subject is all about by looking only at these 2 branches as required by the CAPS curriculum and the benefits of taking the subject.

Physics is a branch of science that studies matter and its motion through space and time, as a result of changes in energy or effect of forces.

It is one of the “fundamental sciences” because the other natural sciences (like biology, geology etc.) deal with systems that seem to obey the laws of physics

On the other hand, Chemistry is the branch of science that studies the composition, structure, properties and change of matter.

It is chiefly concerned with atoms and molecules and their interactions and transformations, for example, the properties of the chemical bonds formed between atoms to create chemical compounds.

As such, chemistry studies the involvement of electrons and various forms of energy.

The basic goal of Physical Sciences is to understand how things work from first principles and to take advantage of this to come up with new advancements that improve people’s lives.

Physical Sciences reveals the mathematical beauty of the universe at scales ranging from subatomic to cosmological. 

Studying Physical Sciences strengthens quantitative reasoning and problem solving skills that are valuable in areas beyond the subject.

Generally, under normal circumstances, students would get such in information in a traditional classroom set-up, but as the Coronavirus pandemic has created a new normal the academic classes as we know, are changing.

The idea is to accommodate the aspect social distancing in a world where viral infection is as easy as the next breath.

As such, at ETEG, we have resolved to offer you quality teaching at the same level as that you find in contact classroom teaching while you are wherever you are.

Not only do we offer the lessons to you while in the comfort of your homes, but we also have experienced award winning teachers, some of whom have experience teaching other teachers.

Through us, you will get to learn much content in less time than is generally prescribed and have the same level of competency as those doing otherwise.

All you need in order to learn from the best tutors at ETEG is access to a laptop or tablet and a good wifi reception so that you can be online.

You will also need your usual school stationary but the rest can be left to us as we MAKE a long lasting impression on you by creating a sustainable academic and social relationship with all our learners.

For Physical Sciences the following charges apply:

All term 1 work, made up of 3 sections:

R1800 covered in 30 hours.

Section 1 only R600,

Section 2 only R600,

Section 3 only R800

Two keys of classes are available but details are provided only upon registration.

For more information on how this program operates call 0614446920 or 0734721476

All classes start on 11 January 2021. Learners wishing to join our Mathematics classes may call the same numbers.

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